Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cosmic healing with divine energies and kundalinie healing energy

  Cosmic healing is projecting of cosmic energy or prana (vital life energy) to a sick patient to help him to get cure miraculously and strengthen his/her self-healing ability and immunity.  We use divine cosmic energy and prana to a patient who is unbalanced in physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
 The cosmic healer will pass the cosmic energy or prana to the patient especially at that particular body part or chakra, which is malfunctioning. This is a process of channeling prana to the patient who is usually depleted of cosmic energy in his /her energy body or at that particular chakra when the chakra is blocked and not functioning well.
Your body
your body is not what you see with your eyes and feels with your touch, it is basically consist of,

                 physical body (all the physical systems and organs)
                 Energy body (inner and outer auras/ chakra system)

Root chakra (red) – Located at the perineum region
Sacral chakra (orange) – Located just below the belly button
Solar plexus chakra (yellow) - Located just above the belly button
Heart chakra (green) – Located over the breastbone
Throat chakra (blue) – Located at the throat
Third eye chakra (lilac) – Located between the eyebrows
Crown chakra (violet) – Located just above the head

Chakra system is the connection of physical body and your spiritual/energy body. Cosmic healer can cure your illness in physical body by cleansing and energizing your chakra system.  

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